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We provide you with the best backlinks which will increase your search engineranking very rapidly. This website contains links to many other websites. This links can help you use backlinks to increase your search engine ranking. But the resources present in this given links are not controlled by us. We do not have any responsibility for any of the contents of these websites. The accessibility of these websites, the legality services provided by them and the accuracy of their contents are fully their responsibility.

You should claim any right which can be a result of the accessibility of your data or material which is posted using unique backlinks, which could become doubtful regarding its accuracy, offense or legality.

Responsibility of the contents-

We do not give any guarantee regarding the contents in the links given in the directory of unique backlinks. We do not control the accuracy, quality, accessibility of any information, software, audio, video, or any other media file and materials that are available on this site. We show you the data as it is without doing any changes in it personally. You use it at your own risk and any problem in the availability of any of the contents is not the fault of our employees, agents, distributors, and directors.

You must not use any content from this site which could infringe the rights of any third party. You must not use any content which is threatening to be illegal in the past.

We are not responsible for any alterations present in it or any damage to it, which includes the accessibility, legality or copyrights which may be the resultants by its use. We do not provide any warranty towards the accessibility, marketing, and legality.

We are not to be blamed for any of the contents which are controversial to you that is present in the directory of this website. we do not control the accuracy of the contents that are present in the website whose link is included in our directory.

Assignment of copyright-

If any URLs are received by us to include in the directory of unique backlinks which you think you want to include in your site then you are only able to have the link not the accessibility towards any of its contents.

To make us secured about the accessibility of your contents to any third party regarding its legality, you give us assignment of copyright to any content like website description, any materials that you submit for its inclusion of it in our site directory. By agreeing with our terms and conditions, you agree that you have the rights towards the redistribution of any material which is submitted to us to include in our site directory. You will give us all the material and information that is requested by us to you reasonably. You must not claim for anything that may have any relation in having a threat to the rights of any third party.

You give us the accessibility to use your content publicly after submitting it to us. You allow us to redistribute it, republish it, share it, upload it, or use it publicly or for marketing.

You must not submit any content which includes text, information, audio, video, image, audiovisual file, or any other media file which is formerly been threatened to be illegal. This can cause infringement to the rights of any other third party.

Transfer of the services-

Any transfer between the websites is not included in the list of the services we provide. Any URLs submitted to us to include in the directory of unique backlinks is final and is not changed. You must not use the contents of any other website to display on your site.

Cancellations of the services-

We give you full ability to cancel your availability to our site at any time you want. We do not charge you any fees if you cancel using our web interface but we ask for the identity proof which includes an email address from the domain which is to be removed. If you cancel by the means of an email address without using our web interface then we would charge you manually.