Privacy Policy

Here is the information regarding our privacy policy. We protect your privacy and develop technologies that ensure the security of your information. Personal information is encrypted as soon as we receive it online. Personal data is shared only with our staff, agents and contractor of the client.

While you try to log into Unique Backlinks we ask for some personal information like your name, residential or work address, your contact number, email address, username, password, and your credit or debit card information.

When our website is browsed by you, which you accidentally do. We obtain the IP address of your computer to know which area of our website has been visited by you. However, it is not linked with any personal information until you login to our website. Like other websites, we also use ‘cookies’ for collecting information.

We use your personal information for following
• To make access to our website easier for you by not making you enter your information every time you visit our website.
• Delivering you the facilities or services which you request for.
• To help us in creating and publishing the content in an easier way for you.
• To keep you informed about the updates, special offers, and information.
• To give you our feedback about an online survey.
• To inform you for participating in promotional offers.
• To request for your assistance or send requests for support.

We don’t share your personal information but the provider of the content may give your personal information lawfully if it wishes to with legal processes available on the website, or to protect its legal rights, when there are chances of illegal activity which a government agency must know, when communication with you may seem to be harmful. He may also share it if he has a partner in his company.

Your online registration with the provider gives you the options regarding the privacy of your credit or debit card information, name, email, address or any information you provide us. The provider is bound to the security of your data with respect to its association with our website. We protect your personal data from being misused, altered or destroyed by anyone.

The protection of your personal is also in your hands, you should not give your username and password to anybody. Your credit or debit card information is used only for payment purpose and not any other activity. For availability of your data we ask you for your username and password before showing your data for further security, you can update your data anytime you want to after you login.

Our website consists of links for different sites, we want our clients to know that we have no responsibility towards the personal information present on that site. Your communication with us occurs via email and you can cancel it by unsubscribing it. We use cookies on our website but you can disagree with us by dismissing it, but by this, you would be restricted from using some areas or contents from our site. You are able to delete your information or account when you wish to but you will have to prove the identity of yours.

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